Where Do We Go….

Where do we go from here?? I mean what can we as a nation that’s been in turmoil these last few weeks about our privacy being broken by an agency that has rocked this country clear to the top and beyond?? Where can we have any decent amount of privacy anymore without somebody snooping around?? I just don’t have an answer, I just don’t know what to think. Guess we’ll have to see what kind of surprises are in store yet :(:(


Really Now NSA….

I am just as shocked, impalled to learn these past few weeks that I along with millions of ordinary citizens have been well, how can I put it?? We, I mean WE as a country and even world wide have every right to privacy!! When Edward Snowden blew the cover off of the National Security Agency’s methods of metamining data from the carriers I was just, I dunno. I guess the old saying “pulling the wool over our eyes” was pretty right on. Even this carry’s shade’s of George Orwell’s book about 1984 is sure is cropping up all around us in every concieveable way imaginable. Smartphones, tablets, GPS, emails, EVEN the freedom to write  what I think about on occassions!!

I can just imagine what the founding father’s are doing turning over in their graves, seeing all they did for us back then and since through history becoming that wasn’t even thought of in 1776. I dunno, it looks rather strange that all of what we been told thru the news media is not exactly what’s going on but who knows????

Why A Virtual Life??

When you look at the other pages that deals with my virtual life, you have probably wondered why I write about it. Simple, I used two platforms at the moment which allows me to get away from reality and escape to another world. I escape because I find myself living in a fantasy world thats unlike reality of course, and made a lot of discoveries about my self in the process. I find comfort, peace, love in one, the other I find myself being aggressive, powerful, not taking chances to affect the ultimate outcome of what I am doing.

I have said in the past elsewhere that there’s a fine line that gets blurred when reality and virtuality collides, thus my tagline says it all. I find that there’s an existance that is unlike anything I have experienced since 2006 when I first joined the online community of Second Life, and the rest is history. My discovering new friends, ideas and so on has given me more than I can count on one hand and the other and then some.

when I look back to the beginning and fast forward to now it’s been a trip of discovering who I am in so many ways that I just couldn’t go back and start over again. I can see  that what I missed out on in reality is made up for in some respects virtualy and hope to continue on for quite some time yet.

Site Updates

I will be updating my site here at WordPress over the next day or so. Consolidating blogs and or deleting blogs that are duplicated. Be watching for improvements and updates!! YAY n STUFF!!
Ok!! Here we go with an updated blog, this was thought over carefully and after seeing that there was some duplication I decided to delete one blog and resume them here on the main page under “Virtual Living”, so that part is done. Other entries that are “live”here on this page such as astronomy posts and others will remain the same.

To view those you can also choose from the drop down categoery menu as well. Keep watching for a few minor tweaks and updates!! YAY!!


Well, the past week was hell as I tried on a number of occassions to get connected to the Inet. Believe me when it comes down to realizing that using wifi is NOT the way to go then I’m left with very few options at my disposal. So, here I sit at a resturant using wifi in order to get caught up on a few things and missing out on other things. gotta be a better way ya know???

Cleaning Up.

LOL, well seeing how my pages are now looking even better and even learning how to put together a nice page here on WP, I been going thru and reorganizing some little things such as adding custom menus on each page, widgets and so on. It takes a while to determine what stays and what goes. In order to reduce duplication in a couple small areas I made those changes and already really love the way it’s coming along.

So, it’s onward I go as I fix it up to where it is easy to navigate around and I hope you enjoy my work in progress!!

Outdated and Too Fast.

While messing around and looking at various websites and so on, there’s alot of outdated material I noticed that even tho today could be used yet. I just have to wonder how much trouble it is to even keeping up to date is?? It’s really not so much as outdated but the way the internet is changing so fast even on a daily basis that I have a little trouble understanding why out dated material is still being used. Is it because nobody has anything to say other than the politicians and others in that regard, or has everybody run out of ideas already??

An Updated Look!!

Wow, I mean WOW!! I gotten an email from WordPress and in it was a couple new themes that were introduced. So, I decided to log in and give this theme a try and two hours later had entirely re did all of my blogs. Telling ya, it sure is easier on the eyes and I can see much better than what my last theme was.

And even adding the widgets was easy to do as I had chosen this theme for the way it was set up and believe me I am impressed. Already a number of people have told me they really love the change soooooo………!!